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A Thank You to Our Local Heroes

As our mission statement goes, “we put people first” at Heritage Properties. Since 1978, our family-owned and operated business has been dedicated in our efforts to prioritize the communities we serve across New England and consistently seek out ways to put people first throughout every step of the apartment search process.

For us, putting people first is reflected through our connections with our local communities, our residents, vendors, and team members. We invest our time into understanding one another and building these relationships in order to provide an exceptional level of service and care. For our community’s veterans, military members, and first responders - putting people first is a selfless act, one that prioritizes the safety and protection of our communities both locally and globally.

This is why Heritage Properties is proud to offer a “Hometown Heroes” discount. Putting our community’s service members and emergency workers first, this initiative is one of the small ways our team can honor those who give so much, each and every day. A $500 discount off move-in costs is applied to new leases for veterans, active or former military members, and first responders (police, fire, and EMTs).

Whether fighting fires, saving lives, or protecting our communities here and abroad, our Hometown Heroes are a true representation of “putting people first,” and we are honored to have heroes as our residents.

Thank you to our veterans, military members, and first responders for your service and unwavering dedication.

To learn more about our Hometown Heroes discount, please contact Heritage Properties for more information or contact your Community Manager during the application process. Proof of military service or eligible employment is required.


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