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Putting People First

Since 1978, Heritage Properties has been a family-owned business. What stemmed from a happenstance partnership between two families has since grown into a 30+ person management team that oversees a portfolio of 900+ apartment homes.

The original owners and primary partners of Heritage have passed the torch throughout generations. Many of the apartments and properties have been managed by Heritage for 15 to 40+ years, including our very first property on Lakeview Ave. Since its inception, Heritage has been dedicated to maintaining a welcoming, family-oriented environment that prioritizes residents, staff, and the surrounding community.

As a property management company, what the Heritage team does day-to-day is straightforward – we provide quality housing that is well-managed and well-maintained. Whether it’s through the first-class service of our property managers, maintenance staff, or on-call subcontractors, we are always available to take care of our residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. What we do speaks to our high level of expertise and commitment, but how we do it is at the crux of Heritage Properties and our key mission as a company.

With this in mind, we developed a new mission statement that would reflect and embody Heritage’s ethos throughout the past 40+ years – “We put people first.

Our family-owned history is integral to the culture at Heritage Properties and the way we strengthen relationships within our communities and within our team. We consider every daily interaction as an opportunity to put people first. Every person we encounter, whether it be a stranger on the street, a lifelong resident, a co-worker, or a vendor we’ve partnered with for years, is a person with a unique set of circumstances, challenges, emotions, and needs. By investing our time into understanding one another and building connections, we elevate our service, thoughtfully resolve issues, and provide a level of care that leaves people feeling acknowledged, valued, and listened to.

At Heritage Properties, our unwavering commitment to put people first is what sets us apart, and why we love what we do.

From our family to yours,

The Heritage Team

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