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The People of Heritage: Celebrating Samantha Gelinas

At Heritage Properties, we pride ourselves on our shared commitment to putting people first. For Samantha Gelinas, Heritage Properties’ Employee of the Year for 2023, this ethos resonates through a proven dedication to each community she manages. For the latest installment in our recurring blog series, “The People of Heritage Properties,” we are delighted to celebrate Samantha and her thoughtfulness, adaptability, and leadership skills that truly make a difference in our residents’ lives each and every day.

Samantha joined Heritage Properties in October of 2021. Previously, she was overseeing a 130-unit residential community in neighboring New Hampshire and brought years of property management experience to the team. Joining Heritage Properties allowed Samantha to deepen her skills in community management and expand her role — managing both Waterhead and Hillcrest Gardens, two of our residential communities in Lowell, MA.  

“Prior to the interview process, I was familiar with Heritage Properties and knew it was a successful, family-owned company. Following my very first day, I not only felt like a member of that family but also realized that ‘putting people first’ goes beyond just a mission statement,” explained Samantha. “To Heritage, it’s more than just property management. It's about creating a home, a sense of community, and continually going above and beyond.” 

Going above and beyond is second nature for Samantha. Drawn to a passion for helping people find their perfect homes, Samantha explains that one of the most rewarding elements of her job at Heritage Properties is connecting with residents and creating long-lasting relationships. “Putting people first is putting yourself in other people’s shoes,” says Samantha. “I understand what it’s like to search for the right apartment and go through the application process. That understanding allows me to not only connect with prospective and current residents, but also problem solve and find solutions that make people feel heard and valued.” 

As Community Manager for Hillcrest Gardens and Waterhead, Samantha oversees each community and ensures they are consistently well-maintained and taken care of. From assisting with resident requests to scheduling apartment tours and maintenance visits, Samantha’s daily schedule revolves around her communities and how she can best serve them. Our Employee of the Year for 2023, Samantha was awarded for this unwavering dedication to her communities and team. Whether Samantha is helping a resident shovel their car out during a snowstorm or tackling a new maintenance project head-on, she continues to put her residents first at every turn. 

Outside of work, Samantha is a proud resident of New Hampshire and enjoys spending time with her pups – a newly rescued English bulldog and her lovable pug. 

Thank you, Samantha, for being a shining example of professional growth, adaptability, and dedication! 

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