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The People of Heritage: Meet Catey

Catey's success at Heritage Properties can be attributed to her dedication to putting people first. An essential member of our team, Catey was awarded Employee of the Year for 2022 as she continuously goes above and beyond for her residents and approaches all requests and inquiries with empathy and understanding.

"Putting people first is putting yourself in someone else’s position and asking yourself how you would want something handled if roles were reversed,” explains Catey. “Thoughtful communication goes a long way, and always making sure you’re on the same page.”

As Maintenance Manager for Heritage Properties, Catey's tasks and to-do items change day-to-day and her role is multifaceted. She is responsible for ensuring that the daily maintenance needs of the residents are met, while coordinating and managing new requests promptly and thoroughly. Her communication skills are paramount as Catey also manages monthly property management tasks, which include organizing work orders, handling move-ins and move-outs, scheduling vendors, and ordering supplies. With just under 600 apartments to manage, Catey has to ensure that each and every resident request is addressed in a timely and efficient manner.

Catey explains that when she first interviewed to join the team at Heritage Properties, she was encouraged by the welcoming atmosphere and the amount of room for growth. “When I joined the team, I started part-time as Resident Services Coordinator for our Meadow Lane office. I was studying and in school, and Heritage Properties gave me the ability to move up and start my first full-time job while being a student,” says Catey. Catey continued pursuing her career interests at SNHU, where she graduated last year with a Bachelor of Science in Business Sciences and Administration.

Following the start of Catey’s journey at Heritage Properties, she then moved to the corporate office as our Leasing Call Consultant. This experience allowed Catey to tap into her established customer-service skills and gain a better understanding of the leasing process. Catey then shifted into a full-time Resident Relations Coordinator role, where she got to know her residents personally, and continued developing her career in a people-facing, service-oriented environment with her next promotion to Assistant Community Manager. Finally, in her current role as Maintenance Manager, Catey combines all her prior experience into offering dedicated, thoughtful service for her residents and streamlined organization for her maintenance team.

“From my very first role, Heritage Properties has always offered a constant support system,” says Catey. “There is always someone around to answer my questions or if I just need help or advice. With such a supportive team, I was able to develop new skills and hone existing ones.”

Outside of work, Catey can be found heading to Lake Winnipesaukee, snowmobiling, boating, and just enjoying the great outdoors with her family.

Thank you, Catey, for your commitment to your residents and your team! To learn more about Heritage Properties, visit us on Facebook & Instagram — and stay tuned for future blog posts introducing other members of our team.


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