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The People of Heritage: Meet Greg

With his extensive experience in unit renovations and his unwavering commitment to quality, Greg plays a vital role in enhancing our properties across our Lowell portfolio. This quarter, Greg was presented with our Outstanding Achievement Award, which shines a spotlight on our team members who are going above and beyond in their work and truly embodying our values of “putting people first.”

What does a typical day look like as a Project Superintendent at Heritage Properties? “What’s most exciting about this role is that it changes every day,” says Greg. Although his role is dynamic and fast-paced, Greg explains that his daily responsibilities primarily focus around overseeing unit renovations across Heritage’s portfolio. His tasks range from making decisions on which units to renovate to getting hands-on with demo work, coordinating with vendors on schedules, timelines, and projects, and planning various renovation and capital expenditure (cap-ex) projects. All of this work is to ensure that our units and our properties are operating at the highest quality possible for our residents.

Greg's journey with Heritage Properties began when he found a job posting for a part-time groundskeeper back in 2016.

“Although I joined Heritage as a part-time employee, I immediately felt as though I was an established part of the team and felt a quick sense of support and community – whether that was through company outings or daily conversations with the team,” Greg explains. That sense of support and community continued to grow – with Greg’s role quickly evolving throughout the years! From his start as a part-time groundskeeper, Greg eventually went on to become a full-time maintenance technician. Since then, he has transitioned through various positions, including serving as a maintenance technician at our Meadow Lane community. Greg's exceptional skills and dedication led him to become a Maintenance Supervisor, supporting other technicians and taking on additional projects. He now excels in his current role as Project Superintendent!

Throughout all of his roles at Heritage, Greg explains that what he enjoys most is witnessing a transformation from start to finish. “Whether I’m working on a smaller maintenance project or outlining a larger renovation, seeing that before and after is the most rewarding aspect,” says Greg. That sense of transformation also ties into how Greg views our mission statement of “putting people first,” and ultimately what these projects mean for our residents. “Putting people first means going the extra mile to assist in any way that I can. While I was a maintenance technician, I would find ways to go above and beyond for our existing residents when they would reach out with a request. In my current role, it’s envisioning how these renovated units can better serve our residents and our local communities,” Greg expresses.

When Greg isn't hard at work updating and renovating units at our communities, he’s spending quality time with his family and planning weekend trips to their seasonal campsite in Ossipee, NH!

Thank you, Greg, for all of your hard work and the dedication you bring to every project! To learn more about Heritage Properties, visit us on Facebook & Instagram — and stay tuned for future blog posts introducing other members of our team.


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