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The People of Heritage Properties: Meet Brian

Who makes up the team behind Heritage Properties? Next up in our recurring blog series, “The People of Heritage Properties,” is our Maintenance Technician, Brian Dussault.

Positivity is key for Heritage’s Maintenance Technician, Brian Dussault. “Start your day with a positive attitude and you’ll be surprised by how far that goes,” he explains. Brian’s cheerful disposition is just one of the many reasons he was awarded Heritage’s “Employee of the Year” in 2021. Since joining Heritage Properties back in 2019, Brian has made an immediate impact on everyone he works with. The nominations he received from his peers for the “Employee of the Year” award are a testament to this impact – from being described as a “champion,” to a “rockstar,” and even “superman” himself – Brian is an integral member of the Heritage team who continually goes above and beyond for others.

Prior to joining Heritage, Brian was a Maintenance Supervisor at House of Hope, serving transitional housing in and around Lowell, MA. When he began his search for a new job, he wanted to be sure that his next role would allow him to continue helping others and giving back. So, when he saw Heritage Properties was looking for a Maintenance Technician, Brian interviewed with the team and his down-to-earth, sincere personality shone through. His innate desire to assist others made him a natural fit, jumping in and quickly tackling tasks and challenges with a positive outlook.

Brian plays a major role at Heritage Properties, ensuring that both our residents and our properties are well taken care of and prioritized on a day-to-day basis. Versatile and resourceful, Brian can handle groundskeeper duties one day and train new hires the next — a true team player. But funnily enough, Brian doesn’t view the word “team” as an adequate representation of how to describe the people of Heritage Properties.

“We’re a family. We may work and operate well as a team, but it goes beyond that,” says Brian. He explains that within the first few weeks of joining Heritage Properties, he saw how collaborative and encouraging the environment was, and how eager people were to help someone out if they needed assistance or guidance. “It immediately told me volumes about the company from the start. I knew from that point in time that Heritage Properties is a family that cares. They were putting in as much time and effort into caring for their residents as they did for their own employees.”

This level of care translates into how Brian views the Heritage Properties mission statement of “putting people first.” As a father of two, Brian cares for each space and property as though his own family were living there. “I want every apartment to be the best it can be, to be as comfortable as possible. I put our residents first, and I’m able to do that because of the support I receive from Heritage Properties. When you’re put first, you can put others first, too.”

Putting others first is a concept that comes naturally to Brian. “I love to help others in any way that I can,” he explains. “At 65, I try to use the knowledge I’ve gained throughout the years to help people come to a solution. There’s always a way to figure something out. My approach is to encourage others to take a step back and do your best.”

Brian applies this perspective to one of his favorite hobbies outside of work — gardening! Because his father was a florist, Brian grew up around flowers and plants, enjoying the challenge of a “never-ending project.” That never-ending project is still going strong… Brian previously had over 40 different types of trees and flowering bushes in his yard! Aside from gardening, Brian can also be found antique shopping with his wife or singing along to a playlist full of Nat King Cole, Andrea Boccelli and Frank Sinatra tunes. Thank you, Brian, for all your incredible work and for the positivity you share with our community!

To learn more about Heritage Properties, visit our Facebook & Instagram — and stay tuned for future blog posts introducing other members of our team!


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