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A Toast to Our Team

The small wins, the little victories, the short-term goals - whatever they may be called, they’re worth celebrating. At Heritage Properties, our team understands that we shouldn’t wait for the conclusion of a big project or the culmination of a longstanding goal to celebrate the amount of progress that has been made. Whether we’re working through the lease-up of a new building, navigating new projects, or ticking off to-do boxes on existing tasks, finding those “small wins” in our day-to-day interactions keeps us progressing and moving forward. Those big moments and milestones are worthy of celebration and are more than deserving of their own recognition, but it’s through acknowledging those smaller moments of success in between that truly motivates us and keeps our team putting people first, day-in and day-out.

Last month, our team celebrated wins both big and small at our annual company outing. The Heritage team closed offices a few hours early on a warm Wednesday in September, headed over to the Shoreline Beach Club & Grill in Tyngsboro, MA, and had ourselves a day of celebrating our hardworking team. Aside from enjoying good food, sunny weather, water views, and lots of bag toss - our company outing marks an important show of gratitude for our team, the progress they have made, and the continual work they put in to prioritize our residents and their own colleagues. Whether that’s going above and beyond with a maintenance request, thoughtfully overseeing an on-site renovation, welcoming and onboarding a new hire, or just brightening someone’s day in the office with an impromptu coffee, our team outing is both a time to unwind and a time to remember the moments that have shaped our year thus far.

This mentality is also why our team doesn’t just recognize these moments and accomplishments once a year. Our Outstanding Performance Recognition Awards celebrate a group of nominated team members at the end of every quarter who consistently exceed Heritage Properties’ expectations and standards. Prior to the end of every quarter, we open the floor to the entire Heritage team through an online nomination process where team members can nominate a colleague for recognition. Team members are encouraged to consider both singular, “small” moments (like lending a hand with a last-minute task) and larger, established goals (like managing a new move-in process) during their nomination. Whether big or small, our team’s accomplishments showcase an unwavering dedication to our residents, our vendors, and our colleagues.

Thank you to our Heritage team for all of your hard work and for your incredible efforts in always putting people first.

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